Transforming Lives

Every day our customers get out of bed to change the lives of people in need. We recognize the challenge of trying to meet the unlimited need with scarce resources, and growing expectations. Our goal is to help nonprofits serve more people with every hour, program and dollar. We believe efficient yet easy-to-use web-based software should be affordable—empowering directors, staff and stakeholders to track what matters, collaborate with ease and prove every impact.

Our Story

The idea behind HIS started in 2014 when Ariel Yarrish noticed that services offered by organizations were not adequately and proportionately used for the benefit of the people being helped. Which enabled the same people to year after year come back for assistance without making progress from the time they were first helped.

This observation lead to the question: What are we able to do to help these people out of assistance?

This question led to the creation of HIS, a system designed for organizations to come together as a unit to strategically end homelessness combining services offered in a concise and simple database.

Next Step

HIS is an extremely secure nonprofit software solution that offers case management, client, and volunteer tracking with easy reporting to help you raise more money. Contact us today and receive more information about our system and services.